Christmas Heroes

Santa Claus is not the only one who has a lot of work at Christmas time. Throughout the world, many colourful characters take on the task of delivering Christmas gifts. Get to know some of them and send Christmas wishes with a Christmas Hero of your choice!

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In some regions, the Christmas gifts are brought by Jesus Christ himself. For this occasion, he takes the form of an innocent child with angel wings. He may look cute, but he’s the king of the universe - and it’s HIS birthday.

Père Noël


In France, all the hard work usually performed by whole bunch of flying reindeers gets done by one donkey named Mistletoe. So if Père Noël is visiting you this year, leave a carrot in your shoe for the poor guy - like children in France used to do.

La Befana


If you’re not afraid of mixing some old school magic into your Christmas experience, invite this Italian lady. She may look like a hag but in she’s really a gift-giving fairy, who always accepts a glass of a good wine as a gratification.

Ded Moroz


Through the frosty taigas of Russia, a real tough guy Ded Moroz and his lovely granddaughter Snegurochka ride their troika to deliver the gifts. Bad news is, you’ll have to wait for them till the New Year’s Eve.



In Iceland, the pack of thirteen trolls take the role of Christmas gift bringers. Overall, they’re nice guys - even if they spend the rest o the years on mischiefs such as petty theft and sheep harassment…



If your friends were very naughty this year, we recommend Krampus for the job of delivering your wishes. This Santa’s Helper form Hell is known for kindnapping and spanking misbehaving kid with his rod.



In some regions of Poland, it’s Gwiazdor who puts gifts under the tree. His name means “Starman”, but he’s a modest, down-to-earth guy fond of rural traditions - like giving beating rods to naughty kids.